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Privacy Policy

This is the "Official" Privacy Policy for all of Christopher Westra's websites.

This is my privacy policy.  I promise that I love my customers and all who visit my websites.

I consider you all customers whether you ever buy anything or not.  I promise never to share your personal contact info with anybody else.  When you sign up for my newsletters, your privacy is assured!

There you have it.  Privacy in a nutshell, and I'm supposed to let you know the following information also.

What Personal Information is Collected?

We collect your name and email address when you sign up on various forms for free audios, my Public Domain Books, or other material.

How Will This Information Be Used?

We use this information to send you weekly emails, consisting of free audios, books, and also promotions for related products.

Will This Information Be Given to Third Parties?

No, never. We never share your personal information with anyone else. I've been in business since 2004 and I've never shared an email address.

How can I "Opt-Out" or Unsubscribe?

That's a good question. It's really easy to unsubscribe or change your email address. At the bottom of every email I send you is a clear link that you can click to either unsubscribe or change any of your information.

For EU Subscribers (compliant with GDPR)

As with all of my subscribers, you have the right to opt out, make changes to your personal data (name and email), request copies of your data, or be deleted entirely from my records. The process for this is to contact me through my customer service desk, below:

How can I Contact Christopher Westra

Just click right here on Christopher Westra Support and then click the button for support (on that page).

How can I See More of Christopher's Apps or Websites

You can go to Christopher Westra Apps to peruse his apps for iPad and iPhone (or just search "Westra" in the app store). To get to most of his websites you can go to Great Mind Power Books.

There You go. Be happy. Smile.

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