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movieI Create Reality Movie

This movie about Creating Your Own Reality tells you how to work with essences of reality, and not absences.  Manifest the life of your dreams with spiritual pre-creation.

Freedom Lifestyle Movie

The Freedom Lifestyle Movie shows you the benefits of earning royalties for a passive income.

Three Minute Video on the Rich Mind Life Strategy (Scroll Down after clicking the link).

Other Movies

This short movie explains the Eight Steps of Emotional Transformation, or how to change your painful emotions into Joy.  These eight steps were given to me from a higher source, and I use them in my own life.

Short video on Morphogenetic Fields of Universal Consciousness.

Discover the Nine Insights of the Wealthy Soul

First Chakra Video (Strength and Safety Meditation)

Second Chakra Video (Joy and Wholeness Meditation)

Third Chakra Video (Confidence and Freedom Meditation)

Funny Utah Video (About the State where I live)

Enjoy your time with the movies!


P.S.  These Inspirational Movies are hosted here courtesy of the Freedom Lifestyle Passive Income Program.  Develop your own automated royalties to live the freedom you desire.

Christopher Westra | Light Movies (I Create Power)