Light Workers

Light Workers

So many good people on earth are working for light!  This section will introduce you to many.  I find joy in using my web and writing skills to help people connect to the light resources they may need in their life right now.

What does it take to be a light worker?

1)  Promote Love and Light on the Earth
2)  Have a lot of fun spreading light!
3)  Most of the Light Workers here will have a website, but everyone can be a Light Worker.

I've got a huge list of Light Worker contacts, and they will be up here soon, with links.  I'm meeting more every day!

Alvin Huang of Quantum Success Secrets

Thea Westra of Forward Steps
Chris Cade of Inscribe Your Life
Sheri Zampelli of Master Mind Groups

Apryl Jensen of Creating Consciously
Song Chengxiang of Quantum Mind Power
Enoch Tan of Reality Creation Secrets and Mind Reality Membership

Barry Goss of The Wealth Vault (I'm using these for investing).
Matt Clarkson of Secrets of Meditation
Tim Ong of From Fear to Love

Aine Belton of Miracle Mind Manifesting Program
Heather Vale with Unusual and Profitable Investments
Randy Jensen and Emotional Freedom Coaching

Jeff Staniforth with his Reality Sculptor
Dan Robey and the Power of Positive Habits

David Weitzman and his Cosmic Jewelry Site (Good Vibes)
Tony Brigmon and his Feel Good Songs

Michael Norwood of Nine Insights of the Wealthy Soul
Julian Kalmar, Founder of Ten Million Clicks for Peace

Michael Lee of 20 Day Persuasion
Jody Sachse of Mystic Mind Power

Adrian Cooper of Our Ultimate Reality
Rachael Orbach of Life Coach Jerusalem

and Thousands to Come! 

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