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Second Chakra

Feel the Rhythm and Color and Purpose of the Second Chakra

Orange Chakra Awakening (Joy and Wholeness Meditation) Sponsored by the Freedom Lifestyle Income Program.

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The music in this video is by Derek Westra

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Some of the Messages from the Second Chakra Movie

I awaken my orange chakra now

I feel the beauty of all of creation
connecting me to eternity

The creative power of the universe
Soars and spirals energetically through my body

I sense the orange energy in my mind and in my soul

My joyful wholeness heals all illusions
of separateness and fragmentation

The vibration of the carnelian gem
connect me to the beauty in nature

I accept bliss and pleasure into my life
I savor each moment
I am free to be joyful and spontaneous

I am precious
I am cherished

I absorb deeply this music in the Key of D
and am nourished in orange vibrant rays

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