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Third Chakra Movie

Feel the Rhythm and Color and Purpose of the Third Chakra

Yellow Chakra Awakening (Confidence and Freedom Meditation).  Sponsored by the Freedom Lifestyle Income Program.

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The music in this video is by Shane C. Nielsen of Birds of the Red Desert

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Some of the Messages from the Third Chakra Movie

I Awaken and Expand my Yellow Chakra
Building confidence in my personal power
As part of the Oneness that is God.

The yellow vibrations energize my sacred center,
Filling my abdomen and organs with sunshine light.
My intuition and creativity soar as my third chakra
opens to the flow of eternal yellow frequencies.

I notice the yellow rays in the world around me.
As I harmonize my energy, I take on challenges
with confidence and freedom.  I act in boldness.

As this chakra opens, I continue to attract into
my life the people and resources I need to
fulfill all my missions in life.

I receive and absorb this music in the Key of E.
The music is sunshine in my soul today. 

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