Light Workers

First Chakra

Feel the Rhythm and Color and Purpose of the First Chakra

Red Chakra Awakening (Strength and Safety Meditation).  Sponsored by the Freedom Lifestyle Income Program.

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The music in this video is by Derek Westra

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Some of the Messages from the First Chakra Movie

Awaken your Red Chakra now
Feel the red light racing into your body
Enlivening all organs and glands

Visualize the red flow of energy
Restoring cell vitality and integrity
Accept powerful health now in body and mind

You live in a safe and secure universe
and you are here for a purpose
Be calm, strong, and protected
Knowing you are watched over and loved

Relax in the Ruby Red Radiant Rays
and listen to this music in the key of C
You are comfortable and confident with change
Embracing your earth experience

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