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money beliefsYes, your money beliefs determine how much wealth you create.  You can discover right now what your beliefs are about money.  Read this little story to understand where your money beliefs and programming stem from.

There once was a tattoo artist in Singapore who displayed his designs outside of his shop.  One of the designs read, “Born to Lose”.  A passerby confronted the artist harshly one day and asked about that particular tattoo.   The passerby said angrily, “You actually put that saying on people’s bodies?”
The old tattoo artist calmly replied, “Before tattoo on body, tattoo already on mind."

What money beliefs and wealth programs do you have running in your mind?  Look at your finances and you will see.  Do you want to change your money beliefs? 

If you change your underlying beliefs about money you can be one of the next ten million new millionaires!  See the Freedom Lifestyle Income Program and what the audios have to say about reprogramming your money beliefs.

Being a millionaire starts with the mind!


P.S.  Just think of money beliefs like the old tattoo artist.  "Before money manifests in reality, money already in mind."

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