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A Personal Healing Experience with Color Channeling

I've been reading "Your Hands Can Heal" by Ric Weinman.  The book is about learning to channel healing energy with your hands. 

Writing my book about Emotional Transformation helped me know that I needed some personal healing.  Some old emotional "stuff" came to the surface and I practiced some of the color channeling techniques I learned in Ric's book.

When it comes to channeling healing vibrations, I'm not an experienced color healer, although I have experimented with many healing modalities.  Basically, I allowed the emotions to come, and accepted them.

I visualized the healing colors that appeared for me, which were green and violet, and placed my hands on various parts of my body to direct the flow of the color energy.  I experienced intense colors, healing flow, and forgiveness.

After a while I felt emotionally spent, and actually fell asleep on the floor.

I looked up Ric Weinman on the web and it looks like he started a vortex healing site and still has the same great smile as when he wrote "Your Hands Can Heal".  You can read more about how energy follows thought with this article on the seven basics of quantum physics and empowerment.

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