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Eight Step Recipe for Transforming Emotions into Joy

girlTransforming emotions is simple.  Yes, creating the emotion you want is simple, yet not always easy.  We all practice emotional habits and it takes some learning to change these to more empowering habits full of light and clarity.

Follow this eight step recipe for transforming emotions.  These steps come from my book "I Create Joy - The Art of Emotional Transformation".

1. Take Full Responsibility for Your Emotion
2. Name Your Emotion (Free Positive Feelings List)
3. Let Go of the Emotional "Story"
4. Bless Your Emotion
5. Feel the Emotion Fully
6. Ask for Light and Clarity as to the Reason for the Emotion
7. Identify the Ineffective Belief at the Root of the Emotion
8. Replace the Ineffective Belief with a More Empowering Belief

That's it, really.  However, you can view a short three minute movie on Creating Joy that walks you through these eight emotional change steps.  The video doesn't run perfectly so be patient, but the emotional principles are solid.

Every emotion has a purpose, and your emotions will lead you to the light if you feel them fully.  Let go of emotional resistance!

For you Light Workers interested in the emotion book, right now you can go view the video and then come back here to order and I'll give you a big Discount on I Create Joy.

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