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Ten Purposes for Your Life

How to Learn the Ten Purposes for Your Life

Think on the following story.  Imagine four people talking about what we are made of.  The first person suggests that we are made of "flesh, blood, and bone."  The second says that we are made only of water.  The third says, "Well, actually our bodies contain mostly empty space."

Then a fourth person says, "No, we are really made of light - just pure light and energy!" 

Which of the four is correct?  All of them are correct, it just depends on the level on which you currently think.  Just like this story, there can be many purposes to life.  When questions in life are posed as "either/or" questions, most often the answer is both!

You can get your Ten Purposes of Life in two formats.  You can get the list in PDF format if you want to print it, keep it for future reference, or pass it on to others.  Just "Right Click" and choose "Save Target As" and save to your desktop.

Printable Purpose of Life List (PDF)

Or you can get your Ten Purposes right here on the website if you just want to take a look at it right now, or access it whenever you would like!

Web Version of Purpose of Life List

As you will see when you check out the ten purposes of life list, one of the reasons we are here is to learn to use our thoughts wisely in creating our reality

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