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Money Emergencies

Create Money Opportunities, Not Money Emergencies

money emergenciesTony Mase is a friend of mine who developed the Personal Power Course by Wallace Wattles. 

Keep in mind that Tony is telling you what to think about and expect in terms of money.  Saving is always wise, but save with an expectation of money abundance, and not money emergencies.

Look at the richest people you know and see if they think in terms of money opportunities, or money emergencies.  You will find they expect success and wealth, and they get it.  Here is what Tony wrote me about money emergencies.

"Don't Set Yourself Up for Financial Emergencies

Practically every financial planning and personal finance book you'll ever read advises you to start an emergency savings fund, to meet unexpected money emergencies, as one of the first steps in building wealth.

If you truly want to be wealthy, this is just about the worst financial advice you could follow.

In an article, titled "The Constructive Attitude", Wallace D.  Wattles, best known for his classic masterpiece "The Science of Getting Rich", said this on the subject:
"… do not lay up for a rainy day. If you live right, think right, and work right, there will never be a rainy day for you. If you lay up for a rainy day, you will impress the sub-conscious with the fear of a rainy day; with the idea of weakness and incompetence, and so you will cause the rainy day to come."

Does this mean you shouldn't keep any extra money at all?

Absolutely not…

In the same article, he said this:

"… provide a surplus, so that you may take advantage of any new opportunity…"

There's a Creative Power within you that makes your life into the exact image of that to which you focus your attention.

If you focus your attention on money emergencies, by saving for them, that's exactly what you'll have in your life… financial emergencies.

On the other hand…

If you focus your attention on money opportunities, by providing for them, that's exactly what you'll have in your life… financial opportunities!"

Reminder - Tony is not telling you to avoid saving money, he's telling you to spend your mental energy creating what you want!  To discover how to use your mind energy for health and personal achievement as well as prosperity, just Eliminate Money Emergencies with Tony's Personal Power Course.


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