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Optical Illusion or Reality

Nine Secrets to Manifest Your Reality. How Do Optical Illusions Work?  Follow 3 Steps Below

Optical Illusion

1. Follow the movement of the rotating pink dot with your eyes.  You will see only one color - Pink.

2. Now stare at the black "+" in the center, and the moving dot turns to green. 

3. Now keep staring at the "+", and after a short time, all the pink dots disappear, and all you see is a rotating green dot!

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I've always loved optical illusions, and used them in my classes and in my reality counseling to show that we construct our reality.  Question your automatic thoughts and beliefs and you will succeed at a faster rate!

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Our world is made of light, and this light is formable according to our thoughts.  We live in a shapeable universe.  Why don't you start now to use the power of your mind to Create Your Reality you desire?

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