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How To Save Money

Learn How to Save Money with the Manifesting Envelope

money envelopeI've used this method to save money for our family piano and trampoline, a trip to Hawaii with my wife, and a trip to Disneyland.  How to save money is a question that most people struggle with.  The Manifesting Envelope really works, and it's so simple.

First, simply decide what you are saving for.  Really prioritize and choose what you want!  Commit to something you really desire.  I see my boys work so much harder and save more money when they work toward a goal.

Second, get an envelope and write on it what you are saving for.  Right now my envelope is working toward another trip to Hawaii! 

Third, make your first deposit into the envelope.  Put $100, $20, or even just $1 if that's what you can deposit right now.  Write the date and the amount on the front of the envelope.

Now, a couple of times per month, simply deposit another $20, or $10, or $50, and watch it grow.  Yes, it's that simple.  That's how you save money.  Write the date and the new total at each deposit.  When it comes to "How to Save Money" you simply do it!

Your deposits will get bigger as your confidence grows.  You start to visualize the item with more detail, knowing you will achieve your goal.  You will develop patience, discipline, and a sense of wealth by watching the amount grow.  That's how to save money.


P.S.  When you spend the money, do so in a joyful, trusting manner.  That's all money is for, to spend on living life and serving others.  Click on the Freedom Lifestyle Passive Income Program for a full education on saving money and making money!

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