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Holographic Creation

Ten Principles of Holographic Light Creation

Holographic Creation is the process of spiritually pre-creating reality by building a light matrix or hologram out of the electromagnetic spectrum.  New PDF - left click to open, or right click to download below.

Ten Secrets of Holographic Creation

You can holographically create events, situations, and things through the focused imaginative powers of your mind.  Listed below you will see ten principles of light creation.

1. Build light creations in the present, not the future.  Create in the now.
2. Create real entities made of light and sound.  These are not just pictures.
3. Holographic creations continue to exist after being created.
4. Holocreations are multidimensional, not just two or three dimensional.
5. Creating with light is done in the inner world, focusing on precreation.
6. Holographic creation uses emotional power and detailed images.
7. Use gratitude to align your energies with the source of all power.
8. Create with hope and confidence in the reality of your light creations.
9. Manifest with relaxed welcoming rather than grasping neediness.
10. Holographic creation always works using the laws of spiritual precreation.

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