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Healing Gemstones

The Top Nine Healing Gemstones for Manifesting

Use these nine healing gemstones for your personal growth and manifesting work.  Certain vibrations and energies will help you to Create Your Reality.  See this short little movie about Creating Your Reality.

For further information about these healing gemstones, and to see specific examples of handmade gemstone jewelry, see my friend Karen Everitt at Ocean Dreamer's Jewelry.  The gemstone property descriptions come from Karen and other various sources.

jade1.  Jade.  Out of the healing gemstones, Jade is known as the "dream stone" and brings realization to your potential and devotion to your purpose. Jade is the symbol of tranquility and wisdom.  When worn as amulet jewelry, jade prevents nightmares, heals many diseases, and prolongs life. This healing stone also promotes peace, fidelity, and confidence. Jade also opens the qualities of mercy and compassion.

rainforest jasper2.  Rainforest Jasper gives you the courage to speak out and enjoy personal independence.  All Jaspers have excellent protective energies. Jasper helps to re-align your chakras, and integrates those energies for your greatest good. It stabilizes your aura, and provides clearing of dysfunctional energies.  Jasper is a stone that reminds us we are not here only for ourselves, but to bring joy and guidance to others.

larimar3. Larimar is the "Gemstone of the Caribbean" and is only mined in one location in the Dominican Republic and is therefore highly sought after and collectable! It's known and loved for the shades of extraordinary blue color often resembling the clear blue oceans in tropical areas. Larimar is one of the "spiritual healing gemstones" that radiate love and peace and promote tranquility.

lapis lazuli4. Lapis Lazuli enhances mental clarity, illumination, and psychic abilities. It helps you to communicate with your Higher Self and Spirit guides. It helps to release creative expression. Lapis Lazuli also releases tension and anxiety.  The deep blue stone brings calmness and equilibrium and helps reconnect you to your natural playfulness and joyful childlike energy.

turqoise5. Turquoise increases spiritual attunement, and gives you strength and grounding.  One of the most popular gemstones, it connects physical and spiritual awareness, and develops inner strength and calm.  Turquoise heals your emotions and emotional body, and enhances communication and creativity.

Turquoise is one of the most ancient healing gemstones in the world.



pearls6. Pearls come fine-finished directly from nature.  Because of their natural beauty, they are associated with the matrix of life and help balance your bodily rhythms and hormonal levels. Pearls harmonize your life with the rhythms of the natural world. Some use pearls to tap inner wisdom and to nurture the growth of love.  Wearing pearls attunes you to the ebb and flow of life.

amazonite7. Amazonite is the stone of truth, honor and integrity.  This stone balances your emotions while inspiring faith and hope. Amazonite soothes the nervous system, eases worries and fears and also helps to align the heart and solar plexus chakras.  This stone can also aid in personal expression, creativity and verbalizing, while strengthening the heart and physical body.



chrysocolla8. Chrysocolla provides soothing energies to help you overcome stress. This stone promotes serenity, peace and tolerance. It helps to nurture feelings of unconditional love.  Chrysocolla eases fears, allowing you to let go of the past while soothing and refreshing the heart. This stone can help you to find inner wisdom and renewed hope.  Remember that Hope is a full expectation of desirable things to come!



Kyanite9. Kyanite aids in creative expressions such as art, dance and writing. It strengthens the truth in a person and increases reliability and accountability.  Kyanite is also excellent for attunement and meditation.  The energies of Kyanite act as a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies, stimulating psychic abilities and the intuition.

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