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List of Great Books and Movies

All -Time Favorites, and Books I've Read Recently

I've wanted to start a list of books I've read in my journey here on earth.  For right now I'm including the movies also, and one day I'll separate out the two into different lists.

The Art of Loving, by Erich Fromm.  This book taught me so much about giving love.  Fromm thought and loved deeply.  I don't agree with all his ideas about God, and the book is very deep, but I do recommend this classic.

7 Day Ebook, by Jim Edwards.  Jim's book on how to write downloadable books for profit is the one that started me on my new business.  Now, after writing ten books of my own, I still recommend his.  I could write my own book on writing ebooks, but Jim's is so good that I just keep telling people about it.  You can get more info on Jim at 7 Day Ebook.

Psycho-Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz.  This is one of my all-time favorites, written by a plastic surgeon who discovered the inner world.  Maxwell found that experiences imagined in detail influence a person's reality as much as "real" experiences.  This book includes many experiments with imagery in athletics.  I used the truths in this book in dating, schooling, athletics, and business.  This book contains the germ of my later book on Holographic Creation.

Natural Sleep Secrets, by Martin Brock.  If you want to understand how to increase your energy and get higher quality sleep, then read this book.  I've read two books on this subject, but this is the best.  Understand the power of light, exercise, and your own rhythms and cycles.  Find out more from Natural Sleep Secrets.

Education of a Wandering Man, by Louis La'Mour.  This book is his autobiography, and changed the course of education in my life!  Here is a quote from his book about the creative process.

"Free the mind and permit it to function without restraint.  Many of us have learned to supply ourselves with the raw materials and then allow the subconscious to take over.  This is what creativity is.  One must condition oneself for the process and then let it proceed."

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